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September 22, 2014

Use BluesEnroll to benefit your group customers

Make the most of your experience with BluesEnroll, Florida Blue’s online enrollment tool. A few helpful tips:

  • Accuracy: Make sure the member’s information is correct. That goes for hire date, social security number, date of birth, and other critical details. Accurate member information helps avoid claims discrepancies, and other potential coverage issues. If you do catch a mistake after submitting information, contact the Agent Service Center at (800) 267-3156 as soon as possible to have it corrected.
  • Enable employee self-service by emailing This feature lets you keep all your administrative capabilities for a particular group while it reduces the pressure on open enrollment. With self-service enabled, employees can
    • use single sign-on from the Florida Blue member website
    • enroll for benefits
    • update personal information
    • obtain their own history tracking report or changes
    • view and print a list of current benefit elections
  • Training resources: Check out the training videos at the start page of the BluesEnroll website. Topics include adding new employees, initiating enrollment, adding life events, handling terminations and more. You can also sign up for online training courses.

Following these easy tips will ensure you get the most from BlueEnroll.

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