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April 20, 2015

Should your agency start a blog?

You’ve heard about them and might even read one or more of them yourself. Should you start a blog for your business? Quite possibly.

Start with the basics: A blog is short for “web log” and usually takes the form of an ongoing series of entries, called posts, which provide insight, opinion, comment or information. Some individuals use a blog as a personal soapbox—to comment on political or social issues. Businesses use blogs to provide context and detail on their areas of expertise while advancing the company’s agenda. Blogging offers numerous potential and entails numerous risks.

Benefits: A blog can help you connect with current and prospective clients. It can drive traffic to your company’s website, broaden your market and leverage your industry knowledge. It can boost sales, generate leads and bolster your PR efforts. It can be a perfect place for information that doesn’t fit neatly into your website, acting as a repository for presentations you and your staff have given, videos and other communication that showcases your company’s expertise. If you specialize in ACA-related strategies, a blog is an excellent place to address those kinds of issues. Because the landscape is always shifting, a blog lets you react swiftly to new developments and capitalize on the internet’s immediacy. Once your blog develops a following, readers will not hesitate to link to a particular blog entry on their own social media, putting your company in front of new readers every day.

Cons: Some of these benefits can work against you if you’re not careful. The same exposure you hope will win new business can also backfire. If you inadvertently wander into a controversial topic or fail to edit carefully, an entry can unexpectedly touch off negative attention from readers. So you have to be careful about the content you post. Blogging also requires resources. It can use up time, manpower, and capital, and it requires constant maintenance. Someone needs to design it, think up and write ideas for entries, write them in an engaging way that reflects your company’s personality, and get them posted. You can manage these functions through existing staff or hire an agency to manage it for you.

Bottom line: Blogging can work wonders for your agency and generate lots of new and expanded business opportunities. But it requires a solid commitment from management and employees. If you’re interested in starting a company blog, research the costs and benefits thoroughly. And if you decide to move forward, don’t do it timidly: jump in with both feet.

Derived from: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/openforum/articles/business-start-blog/

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